iCrave Jeans

It's fall ladies and it's time to put some nice jeans over those legs! 
I want to share my favorite jeans with you guys in this blog and why. 
First I would like to say that I am shorter than most females
(I'm in the 5'1-5'5 height class)
 My butt is a lot bigger than my waist and of course small ankles!
It use to be so hard for me to find the perfect jeans
that hug my body and my ankles at the same time 
Seriously though.
Now I've found the perfect cure for this slim thick illness

I've purchased AG Jeans out of Nordstrom, Dillards, 
and the AG Jean store on Washington Ave in Miami Fl
Theses jeans are super comfy, stretchy, and curvy!
They don't fall off my waist as I walk,
 they hug my ankles just as I like,
 and they're not too long at the bottom of my legs.

LEVi Jeans

These jeans in particular 
were "destroyed"by one of my friends.
I love Levi jeans they're super comfy, though 
some are super stretchy andsome are anti stretch lol
I do get the hip huggers wen I shop Levi 
because my waist is so much smaller than my ass
 and the bigger the size the bigger the waist trim.
 I usually go for hip hugger, stretchy, and short 
in all of my jeans no matter what brand.

I recently walked into this store in Lenox mall 
and I fell in love the moment I tried on these jeans.
These jeans are super soft, comfy, stretchy,
 extra fitted at the ankles, I mean just perfect.
This brand is one of my favorite brand jeans, LOVE!

Favs Not Mentioned: Jamie jeans from Topshop. Diseal brand jeans. Rag & Bone Jeans.

 Witnessed Price List
AG Jeans - $117-$297
Levi Jeans - $30-$110
7ForAllMankind - $169-$229
Jamie/Topshop - $76-$89
Diseal - $147-$284
Rag & Bone - $198-$949