Create Your Happiness

Loving yourself is easy but knowing what makes you happy is the hard part.
To love someone else, you must love yourself first.
You must love the person you see in the mirror.
You must love the voice and words that come out of your mouth.
You must love the way you carry yourself.
You must love the way you think.
You must love the things you do.
If you do not love any of these things about yourself
It's okay,
The beauty of life is that nothing is perfect.
Look in the mirror and feel yourself. 
Ask yourself "What will make me happy?"
Then, do it!
Life is about loving ourselves and being happy.
If you settle for something that you don't want
you're only setting yourself up for unhappiness.

Do what makes you happy.

As a woman of God
I know what makes me happy.
I am content with who I am.
I will not allow anyone to anger me.
I will only allow happiness, peace, and prosperity in to my life.
I eliminate everything that doesn't make me happy 
 because I love myself.